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Health is not the absence of disease

Health is not the absence of disease, but the ability of detecting and eliminating them. In our body daily appears new diseases and tumor cells … but if it is a healthy body, it has the necessary mechanisms for self-healing and hinder the development of these diseases and cells.
A healthy organism does not need to run drugs.
The drugs replace the body because it is blocked, the drug makes the body work often the wrong way with all the possible side effects and toxicity that will further block the body and never will reeducate him to work as before.

Objectives of  therapeutic programs:

– Understand and teach, another way to fight the disease.
– Become again responsible for our health, actively fight to regain health, not being limited  to swallow pills and wait for the disease to disappears … I AM MY BEST DOCTOR !
– Asking the right questions: What happened in my body to get sick – I was fine before and now I’m not, why? – What can I do to get back to my previous state?
The treatmentsare not intent to cure  the disease in 1, 2 or 3 weeks, but start with natural methods a recovery process for the proper functioning of the body, so that he returns to “fight” against the disease and can win the same …
The human body is not only flesh, it is an interaction between the expression of our genes and what we eat, breathe, think … We are not responsible for our genetics, but for the rest.
We try to rebalance the body, acting at different levels:
– Energetic(body commands): With NES, VEGASELECT, CHROMOTHERAPY …
– Nutritional: With VITAMINS, FOOD, (We are what we eat / My 1st medicine is my food).


e have standardized treatment programs, but we can also create cusromized programs, depending on your personal conditions.

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