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Nowadays, it is increasingly evident the impact of tobacco on our health, (five thousand toxic substances per cigarette).


The program allows in a calm surroinding and with effective treatments, quit smoking and ensure your success in this decision to get rid of tobacco slavery.You will gain more health and self-esteem.
Will get rid of your slavery very easily, re-experience all the scents around you, return to enjoy the tastes, effortlessly walk again …
Will have a goal of life and not of death. The treatment don’t substitute the will, you must take a strong decision to change something in your life.Book now your treatment to change the story of your life … You deserve it!


The Dr. Thierry Kairis program specially designed for this purpose is based on:

Treatment with Auriculotherapy, NES, with Dr. Thierry Kairis.
Detoxification (Mrt, Detox spa ) and Kangen Water Program
Rebalance with VegaSelect and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

** – Minimum 1 Month

  • choose your plan

  • 1st consultation with DrThierryNES,Auriculotherapy1st consultation with DrThierry
  • Subsequent consultationNES,AuriculotherapySubsequent consultation
  • Detox SPADetox SPA
  • Kangen WaterKangen Water
  • Specific TreatmentsSpecific Treatments
  • Vega SelectVega Select
  • Stop Smoking

  • 420

    7 Days

  • 1st consultation with DrThierry1 yes
  • Subsequent consultation1 yes
  • MRT2 yes
  • Detox SPA3 yes
  • Kangen Water7 Days
  • Specific Treatments
  • Vega Select2 yes
  • EFT2 yes
  • Stop Smoking

  • 650

    14 Days

  • 1st consultation with DrThierry1 yes
  • Subsequent consultation2 yes
  • MRT3 yes
  • Detox SPA5 yes
  • Kangen Water14 Days
  • Specific Treatments
  • Vega Select4 yes
  • EFT3 yes
  • Stop Smoking

  • 815

    21 Days

  • 1st consultation with DrThierry1 yes
  • Subsequent consultationCan be extended to 250 Tests3 yes
  • MRT4 yes
  • Detox SPA6 yes
  • Kangen Water21 Days
  • Specific Treatments
  • Vega Select4 yes
  • EFT3 yes

Treatments details:

1st consultation with Dr.
Assessment of your health condition and exams.
Determination of chronic conditions.
Scaning-energy field (NES) with analysis and specific treatment.
Treatment with auriculotherapy specific for Stop Smoking.
Execution of your program of treatments for recovery of their health and self-healing capabilities that were lost.
Remaining medical consultations:
Evaluation of the results.
Reevaluation of health status.
If necessary reformulate the treatment program.
Treatment with Auriculotherapy if necessary
* Natural Medication not included ( prescribed if needed )

NES: Nutri-energy system, analyzes the Quantum of our body energy , where the commands are the energy of our body , the result will be analyzed according to the known reference energy of the healthy human body . And so we find that specific blocks are possibly the cause of our energetic diseases. This therapy aims to restore our capacity for self-healing, which were blocked for several reasons.
Auriculotherapy: Therapy scientificallycertified by the University of France . This therapy is based on stimulate a set of points present in the auricle, according to a neuro-anatomical reasoning (not energy) depending on the patient pathology. It acts in a very quick way through the stimulation of our brain , and it will try to rectify your problem and so stimulates our ability to self-healing
MRT:Therapy regeneration matrix, is a therapeutic method to treat advanced chronic ilnesses. The matrix cell is the supply and evacuation sistem of
the organism, it marks about 80% of our body, and its composed by water, ions, collagen, all componentes of plasma cells ,fat cells and especially all
defense cells.Therefore this therapy not only promotes detoxication of tissues, but also acts to energy level, since the toxins are used as electromagnetic information, wich are neutralized during the treatment, increasing our defense capability.
Detox Spa: Stimulates the output toxins from the body through an electromagnetic apllied feet. The treatment involves placing your feet in a basin ofclean water, sea salt and a electrode, 30 minutes after, (end of therapy), the colour and smell of the water has changed, these changes are due to the
different types of toxins and patholgie.
VegaSelect: Offers a range of therapeutic possibilities using the technique of biorressonância.This therapy uses three types of oscillations:modulated oscillations from the patient him self ; electronic oscillations ; oscillations resulting from the combination of the previous two.
The three main bases of this therapeutic apparatus are: Therapy of adjustment; Therapy of transmission; Inversion therapy.
The information is captured from the body by two electrodes, is analyzed by the machine and then are placed probes treatment which will resolve by regulatory dysfunction.
Natural medication:Stimulates the main organs that allows for natural ways to eliminate toxins, (kidney and liver). Every organ needs a certain
nutrition for proper operation.For each case will be studied a more suitable medication.
EFT: The tobacco problem is an emotional issue. There are emotional issues to resolve (anxiety, emptiness, low self-esteem)
This technique helps to lessen or even solve emotional problems and in the end reduces the need to resort to any kind of drugs (tobacco, alcohol, …)
Physical activity: In the gym and Spa, to help stimulate circulation and promote perspiration.
Kangen Watre Program:this water has medicinal characteristics , combat the acidity of the body increases the level of hydration and oxygenation of cells.