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After all the smoker is not the one to blame,he fell unconsciously on a trap , unaware !!

-Why does people start to smoke?

The first cigarette is never pleasant! If “We” continue smoking its because there’s hide benefits in it, such as:

  1. For the teenagers, they want to feel older/impress the girls/boys
  2. Its a way to show that they can have decisions, power to counteract the parents.
  3. Allows the integration on elder groups
  4. For adults, it allows a break at work, this is socially accepted
  5. It gives us a little time for ourselfs, time to relax…

    Why was I picked up by addiction?

    The unconscious makes the easiest and quickest association:CIGARRET = Pleasure = good for you = So SMOKE!!!Our unconscious just wants our wellbeing, so “demands” to our body to smoke… its a conditioned reflex: MOMENT OF PLEASURE= CIGARRET.
    After all, I am more dependent of a habit than of nicotine? True! On average we smoke a pack of cigarrets per day. If we stay awake 16 hours, on average it is 1,25 cigarret/hour. if the problem is the dependence on nicotine,we should get up several times at night for lack of it … but that doesn’t happens! Lots of people use patch of nicotine to replace the cigarret, but even with it they continue with the desire to smoke…

    THATS BECAUSE NICOTINE IS NOT THE PROBLEM!! The smoker normally says that they smoke to reduce the stress of quotidian, to stay calmer, but the truth is that during the weekends/hollidays they smoke as much or morethan on stress situations!!!
    –Why, when most of smokers are sick they quit the cigarret??!!! Than their body do not miss the nicotine??!!!


    I’m in a constant state of contradiction!

    It is normal, your unconscious repeats constantly:Smoke is good for you!But your conscious, knows that is ruining your health and tells- you:Stop smoking!But while the unconscious strength prevails, you continue to smoke.

    What can I do to silence my unconscious?

    If smoking is a matter of habit, then we must learn to change habits, forhealthier behaviors, which will brings a different pleasure.We must change our conditioned reflex, it is possible when we really wish it!!!
    –Studys have shouned thats possible to change this reflex in to another in about 4 weeks.

    Just have to be aware that after all we don’t need those hide benefits…

    No need to look older, because unfortunately you’re already older,now would be really good look younger!
    Have your group relations, family, friends,colleagues and a good portion of them do not smoke or have already left.Times have changed, today is even the contrary, for society non-smokers are most valued. Each time there is less public places for smokers – It’s not the cigarette that will impress a girl, she’ll probably run away…because of its smell If he had wanted to show the power of decision to smoke, now realized the contrary, lostpower to decide to stop smoking, is in slavery.

    It will say that smoking is a good reason to take a break, and still is, then continuehaving your break at work its good for you, but you are wrong to think that was the cigarret that was doing you any good,in fact it was the break by it self, the 5 mints to relax… so continue doing youre break without cigarret, and you will start feeling more pleasure about having a healthy break….. How can we say that cigarret calms you down??! Nicotine is an exciting element, it raises your heart rate in 10 pulses/minute… so what really relaxes its the break, beeing with collegues….

    Review the advantages of give up smoking!

    – The primary ones are related to your health:: Smoking may cause: chronic cough,immediate fatigue to stress, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, sputum, lung, respiratory passages and bladder tumor . Smoking is a risk factor for all diseases:Cardio-vascular, stroke,gangrene, skin changes tone, wrinkles more healing gets slower. Increase the risk of infertility in women, more risk of ectopic pregnancy and abortion.In man, also more infertility by decreasing the number of sperm, more impotence (change of penis micro-vessels). The whole body there is a decrease of micro-circulation, resulting in less oxygenation of cells with many different consequences.A woman enters menopause two years earlier than expected, atrophy of the breasts early.Faster tooth decay by precocious shrinkage of the gums because of chronic gingivitis.There are an estimated decrease of 10 years of life for the smoker, not to mention the poor quality of life in recent years. I think that’s enough!If started smoking to look older, I think the mission was well succeed, tobacco made agreat job!

    -Economical reasons: In this period of crisis, it is obviously a heavy burden on family budgets. Imagine the wonderful holiday that could offer you and your family with all the money you spend on cigarettes?! Quitting smoking may amount to an increase of salary. Imagine how good it would be !!!!..

    How can I achieve this miracle, it seems so hard.

    First of all you must have to have strength of will !! The treatment only gives the power to perform its purpose!Now you’ve noticed why you started smoking and why became addicted, also realized that no longer need the hide benefits of cigarrets. You know it’s bad for health, then intellectually is already convinced about quitting. No just have to treat the emotional. Preapare it to leave “a friend”!Each time you light a cigarette, have to see it and feel it like a real poison which enters your body, in fact it is even poison, 4000 toxic substances, of which 60 are carcinogenic, only 60 mg of nicotine injected into the vein kills a man, while if arsenic, we need 400 mg.When you gain the awareness and the strong conviction that will not let a friend but an enemy…Then you will be ready to take the next step: Book the day to definitely release you from CIGARRETS!!!! Its simple to leave an enemy…..

    I agree 100%, do not want to smoke more,I have the will, but I’m affraid, I think I’m not gonna make it…. I’m I a real addicted??!

    As we know by now, nicotine is not addictive, but an emotional dependence, no matter thenumber of cigarettes we smoke. It is normal to think I’m more addicted than others who have stopped smoking. It is an individual battle. Fear is natural, because it will changemany things in your life… but if your decision is taken then there is a therapy that will make yourlife easier:

    AURICULOTHERAPY!!!. Book now your session in a clinic with LWS Therapy(life without smoke).

AURICULOTHERAPY?!Never heard about it…


This treatment consists of a stimulation of a set of points within the auricle. It is scientifically proven that the entire body is represented in the auricle, both physical and emotional. The ear is similar to a computer keyboard with which to transmit one message to the computer / brain. The brain receives the message and will respond as the performed stimulation.The results are very good, more than 80% success!!! The treatment will give you calm and tranquility to be able to manage this changing period of habits, to regain their self-esteem and freedmom. Only after 5 years of smoking cessation we can say that did not catch a tumor because of tobacco, so as soon as we decide to quit the better!!! auriculoterapia-organs (1)

How many treatments are needed?

Do you believe that a single therapeutic session is usually enough to be part of the groupwho managed to quit tobacco! The cost of treatment is recovered in 3-4 weekssmoking cessation. Imagine what you will save after a year without smoking, will be able to make the trip that you’ve allways dreamed of….

I do not believe that is so easy, if it were there would be no smoking people anymore!!!

I realize that seems magical, but it’s true, if you visit the site, there are many testimonies of allno longer smoking people that also believed in the opportunity to quit smoking withoutmajor difficulty. You can ask questions if you need.I am so convinced of the results of treatment that I’m secure about giving a warranty;If after a month of treatment you continue smoking, I offer a second treatment completelyFREEImagine after a treatment, you are no longer smoker!After the treatment, I ask the almost ex-smoker to go outside and have a cigarette, and right there you’ll be able to feel that treatment is already acting… If you do not believe that is true, is that perhaps is not the time to quit smoking!
So keep the information and one day you’ll find a former smoker who will tell you how he stopped smoking. !!