NES Therapy

Finally arrived in Portugal a new method of diagnosis and treatment “NES THERAPY”
that will detect and correct the causes of their illness.

For the 1st time the bioenergetic field (BE) ideal of the human body was determined 
What’s the goal of this consultation?

The body has all the capacity to heal it self, and daily correct the changes that appear to avoid illness. During our life the body loses some of this mechanisms of self-healing and starts to malfunction, that’s when the so- called functional diseases appears.You have medical examinations,but they don´t show nothing wrong, your Doctor tells you that everything is perfect, but you feel that something is not correct with you, like if your body had lost some capacity of correct function!
The chemicals help to avoid the symptom to express, it just gives to the body what he’s not capablle of produce by himself, because if you stop with the medication all the problems come back.

But where are the body comands? They are not physical, they have never been detected.
Why did my thiroid stopped function? Why my cholesterol is high even with a healthy diet?
We are energetics beings, we send lights, the so-called “aura”, scientifically we speak of Morpho Energetic Field (M.E.F), aparently the body comands are energetic, and they are located in this M.E.F. This subject is beeing stiudied for 20 years, and finally the correct M.E.F have been found.
The emotional shock, toxins, bacteria, virus,… may lock the body controls at the M.E.F, sometimes with the passing years the human body loses the information to function properly. Nowaday , there’s a machine capable of capture the ideal M.E.F, to locate the blocks of your body. There have been developed specific medication “Nutri energetic”, to correct, reactivate the commands changed,and so recover the mechanisms of self-healing and with this , the disease may regress or even disappear…
You’ll need a few treatment sessions to get to the deeper blocks…There are some priorities in the healing process, balancin step by step is important!!